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Nine Disciplines

Autenrieth Advantage Nine Disciplines

Greater Development, Evolution, Productivity, and Fulfillment

These are all disciplines that, when actively pursued, lead to greater development, evolution, productivity, and fulfillment. Each of these can become a discipline of focus for daily, or periodic, practice. Any one of these can have an immediate and profound impact. When principles and fundamentals are integrated, our clients can create powerful momentum.

Autenrieth Advantage Nine Disciplines

The Discipline of Learning

Shift: From Knowing to Wondering

The world is constantly changing. Consequently, there is always something new to understand. Whether you’re a beginner, novice, or master of your chosen field, the learning need never stop. When we approach learning as a discipline, we remain aware of our intent to grow.

The Discipline of Planning

Shift: From Reacting to Planning

This is where we get into the area of having an influence on our own future. We need not be completely at the mercy of the world around us, though it does help to cooperate
with the world as it is rather than to struggle against it. Nonetheless, it is possible and desirable for us to plan in order to take actions that lead us in the direction of our goals.


Autenrieth Advantage Nine Disciplines

The Discipline of Restoring

Shift: From Ignoring to Restoring

By resting and through self-care, we create or rebuild our reserves of energy. That energy is the source that enables us to engage in all the other disciplines and without it, disaster will soon ensue. Most of us go on about our lives constantly in motion, constantly using our resources. It’s time to replenish.

The Discipline of Creating

Shift: From Consuming to Creating

Our world is filled (or filling) with myriad wonderful things. People, Information, Cars, Airplanes, Schools, Hospitals, Industries and all the professions that support them. It took either divine intervention or the actions of people (or both?) to bring each new item into being. The act of Creating is a powerful form of self-expression.

Autenrieth Advantage Nine Disciplines

The Discipline of Loving

Shift: From Tolerating to Loving

“All ya need is love” Ya ta ta ta ta…
“Love is all ya need”

Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t all you need but there can be no doubt of the impact on any activity, skill or life in general when we have love, when we love others and when we love what we’re doing.

The Discipline of Attracting

Shift: From Repelling to Attracting

If you’re self-employed, you need to attract good customers. If you work for someone else, you need to remain attractive to your fellow employees or your boss. On the surface, this might be easy to classify as selling but it’s really about attracting a constant flow of opportunities and support.


Autenrieth Advantage Nine Disciplines

The Discipline of Practicing

Shift: From Resting to Moving

Each of us has a role to play and we can only engage in that role by doing whatever it is that is required of us. This is the discipline in which we develop our proficiencies and Practice our chosen crafts. Only by taking action can we intentionally move in the direction of our goals. No matter how far you are on your path toward mastery, you’re never finished. That’s why it’s called Practicing.

The Discipline of Living

Shift: From Surviving to Living

This is the area in which we pay attention to who we are, what we value, our own natural talents, and how we’re choosing to live. Living is different from mere survival. The energy is completely different. The energy of survival is one of stagnation and scarcity while the energy of the living is one of flow and abundance.

Autenrieth Advantage Nine Disciplines

The Discipline of Centering

Shift: From Distractibility to Presence of Mind

The Discipline of Centering is about managing your mental state at will rather than allowing it to be controlled by circumstances outside of you.

“The next stages of human evolution require that humans be here to participate, which requires that we manage ourselves, personally, better than we have in the past.”

— Doug Autenrieth

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